Video Interview with CEO of eeVoices – Section 3 – Top 10 Resume Exaggerations in Asia Pacific

This is Vincent So, Human Resources Intern at eeVoices.
I am speaking with Greg Basham, CEO of eeVoices about what eeVoices has learned about job candidates and resumes when completing pre-employment screening checks for organizations of all sizes.
Greg, do you see any patterns or common resume exaggerations like a TOP 10 List?
That is another very good question. Yes. There is a clear and distinct pattern to exaggerated resumes
To answer your question, we can actually divide our top 10 resume exaggeration items into two main categories.
The first group are what some employers call resume inflation and these are what job applicants do to “level the playing field” and get to the job interview.
These 5 include exaggeration of: 1) job titles, 2) job duties and scope of responsibilities, 3) reporting level and working relationships in an organization and 4) accomplishments and achievements and 5) salaries and bonuses.
While some might argue that these are relatively minor what we see from our interviews with job referees is that they often form a pattern that suggests the candidate either has a very inflated sense of their contributions to their past employers or they are outright lacking in integrity.
The second group of exaggerations are more clearly integrity issues. Our top 5 in this group includes: 1) misstated employment periods to cover up gaps in employment 2) missing job histories used by frequent job changers to show they have some staying power – where they don’t 3) misstated reasons for leaving to cover up termination. Coming in at number 4 are a host of professional and academic misrepresentations from fake awards and honours to fake degrees, diplomas, program concentrations, program descriptions to currency of professional certifications or ever having them at all. 5) number 5 on our list is the use of fake referees.

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