The story you are about to read is true. The names of the guilty have been changed to protect the innocent. The basic facts of the story are entirely true but the situations have been altered to protect the identities of the company’s or people involved. The bad news is that events like these scenarios take place too frequently. The good news is that firms such as eeVoices have solutions designed to prevent occurrences like this from taking place. Prevention is a good business practice.

We present our cases like excerpts from a five act play with modern language and scenarios. We think this method tells a better much like a play which involves acting skills, imagination, personalities, leadership, perceptions, personal impacts, misunderstandings, vision, conflict, doubts and an outcome which can be good or bad.

Act 1, Scene 1: The office of the regional manager, where she is about to meet for the first time her designated Human Resources representative. The purpose of the meeting is to plan their trip to major cities across the country where they will interview prospective new hires together. The Secretary has just shown Brian the new HR hire into Susan’s office. This is a small part of the conversation

Susan: Have we met before? You look very familiar.

Brian from HR: No. Not unless you’ve been in the same places I’ve been recently which I doubt. I did just graduated in June from the local university.

RM: My daughter just graduated from the same university this year too. She was honoured at the ceremony with a top student award and a graduate scholarship. We are very proud of her.

Act 2, Scene 1: Susan is at home telling her husband, Peter and her daughter, Monica about her meeting that day with Brian, the new hire in Human Resources who will travel with her on her hiring trip next week. Susan is telling her how exciting it will be to visit some of the major cities she has not been to for years.

Susan: For some strange reason I feel that I have seen this fellow before but for the life of me, I am not sure where. He did just graduate at the same time as Monica but I doubt I’d remember him from the thousand or so other graduates at the ceremony that day unless he won an award (she said laughingly).

Peter: Monica, do you still have the University publication with the stories of the award winners? Could you please bring it to me? Let’s take a look and see if he is listed.

Act 2, Scene 2: Moments later as Peter is looking at the list of winners and their photos, Peter calls Susan from the kitchen to the living room.

Peter: You won’t believe this. Your HR rep Brian, won an award too. Here is getting his award as the top graduate in the prisoner’s program run by the University. He did his degree while serving time in prison for raping women. He is a serial rapist! His goal is to get a job in human resources. You aren’t travelling with him!

Act 3, Scene 1: Susan is in the HR VP’s office showing him a copy of the University paper featuring Brian. HR VP: We did a criminal record check on this fellow as we do on all our people in positions of trust these days. Here is a copy in his file and it shows his record is clean. No convictions.

Susan: What went wrong then?

HR VP: The police have been called and they say that they their records show the rape convictions and that he did come to request the document and then came back to pick it up. Our procedure was for him to request his record and bring it to us. The police believe he met some forgers in prison who possibly told him who to go to get a fake police report. Obviously he did forge it.

Susan: This really concerns me. If my daughter had not got an award and we did keep the University publication with his story and photo, I may never have known before I went on the recruiting trip with him. This I find very troubling. This must be changed.