There is a situation in which a job candidate was applying for a warehouse clerk position and there were different screening requirements including various interview rounds. The job candidate was inquiring whether such a junior job would require so many screening requirements. The reporter at Sky Post has invited several HR professionals in Hong Kong including eeVoices to comment for such case.

According to our experience, organizations going through multiple rounds of interviews might not be a bad thing for the job candidate because of the following reasons:

1. This allows job candidate to have the opportunity to meet up with more members of the organization and learn more about their corporate culture.

2. This allows job candidate to gain more information about their prospective employer via different interviews so that job candidate may decide whether they want to take the offer when the opportunity arise.

3. Hosting multiple rounds of interviews imply that the organization really treasure and value the recruitment process.

4. This allows employers to gain more understanding of potential candidates thus helping them select the most suitable one. Overall, job candidate may take a positive view and there is no harm to go through the process accordingly to get to know more about the employer prior to making a decision to join the firm.

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