Nothing outperforms the quality and number of referrals your business gets. We were honoured to be the first business Going Global Blog written by one of Asia’s top marketing professionals – Tom Muldowney – has endorsed. We are grateful and appreciative of all referrals especially from high quality businesses like that of Tom’s.

While major global organizations do rigorous background checks too often SMEs think it is too costly confusing our business with executive recruiting and the costs there. SMEs can least afford a single bad hire yet overly rely on interviews when they make a final decision.

It is like choosing a partner on the Internet if you are so inclined. Interviews alone are the equivalent of making a decision on the basis of “Hot or Not” versus e-Harmony where applicants fill out a long questionnaire to match folks.

We would still suggest that the past is prologue when it comes to performance and no hire should be complete until you have done a thorough check including verifying resume statements and work histories.
Check out Tom’s website and his blog as this guy is successful! We are pleased to have helped him like so many other quality clients that we serve.