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eeVoices is one of the leading background check firms in Asia currently providing China background check services for leading financial institutions and banks, reputable retail and brands, education institutions, property development and management companies as well as other reputable firms locally and internationally.

Our China background check services are often known with high quality service level, fast turnaround time and full compliance in data privacy and protocols both locally and globally.

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Services We Provide

What is included in a typical China Background Check Service package?

Different China background check service packages are being tailored for different industries and position roles. China background check service packages might often include global verification service items in which our firm is fully capable in assisting companies in customizing their own service package in a full compliance and legal basis. A typical China background check service package often includes the following items:

Search for any matching civil litigation in China via official sources in the country.

China Adverse Credit Dataset Check

Obtain any adverse credit records from official sources in China.

China Adverse Dataset and Court Record Check

Obtaining adverse data via court and different public records allowed by the local laws.

China Company Representative Record Check

Identify company representative records from government or official sources available in China.

Education and Professional Qualification Verification

Verify education qualifications with the education institutions or its authorized agencies globally.

China Employment History Verification (Globally Access)

Verify employment records with the previous employers or its authorized agencies in China and globally.

China Employment Reference Check (Globally Access)

Conduct China reference check for performance related comments within the country and globally.

Global Adverse Dataset and Blacklists Check

Conduct searches for adverse records in different publicly available sources allowed by privacy laws.

China Background Check FAQs

Some Quick Tips

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Typical China Background Check?
China Background Check services usually take around 3 to 7 business days to complete. Clients who utilize the China background check services that require third-party responses and take longer than this timeframe to complete would receive progress reports with the latest progress updates.  
How Do You Conduct China Reference Check and Employment Verification?
China reference check and employment verification are typically being conducted separately. While China reference check is conducted via connecting with the previous supervisors focusing on performance comments, China employment verification serves the purpose to verify factual data related to the employment typically completed by the HR department. Unlike other countries, there are still a relatively higher percentage of employers requiring the release of employment verification data via the phone. Thus, a written reply might not be available for every China employment verification case. On the other hand, China reference check and employment verification takes a relatively fast service turnaround time of 3 to 7 days when compared to other countries.
How Do You Conduct a China Criminal Record Check?
China criminal record check can be conducted via obtaining a copy of no criminal record or accessing any public or disclosed records from various governmental and court sources. The service turnaround time for China criminal record check would vary from 1 to 3 days depending on the selected methodologies by the employer. By utilizing different official sources and methodologies, eeVoices is providing industry leading and full compliance China criminal record check services for employers across the Greater China region.
Why Do employers Conduct China Background Check?

Employers conduct China background check for different purposes including the below:
– Minimize the risk of hiring the wrong individuals via an effective China pre-employment screening programs.
– Make better hiring decisions via the China background check results.
– Fulfil regulatory and compliance requirements.
– Know more about who they are hiring via qualitative data in the China background check reports.

How Much Does a Typical China Background Check Service Package Cost?

A basic China background check service package for pre-employment screening ranges from 80USD to more than 300USD. The price may go up as more background check items are added to the China background check package due to the hiring needs.

There is no set up fee involved which means that your firm will be able to fully utilize eeVoices’ online systems delivered at the highest industry standards complying with various data privacy laws and regulations globally.



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