It’s a norm to distribute cakes during the last few days before exiting an organization in Hong Kong. These is this case in which when an exiting employee was distributing the cakes, the colleagues do not want to eat them. Sky Post has interviewed a few HR professionals including eeVoices to comment on such situation and also things that exiting employees should watch out for during the final working period in a firm.

In general, our view is that exiting employees shall always leave a good long-term image and maintain good relationships with colleagues and superior in the organization. Whether or not your colleagues are eating the cakes you are distributing is not relevant. There could be different reasons behind such as its corporate culture or people are really busy with their work. The key focus really is to make sure you do a good handover and try to finish up as much outstanding tasks as possible. This will avoid the situation of leaving a lot of work for your colleagues before the organization finds a replacement for your role.

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