Global Criminal Record Check

Criminal Records

Global Access Compliance

Our team has been assisting candidates to obtain their criminal records for 10+ years in different countries across the globe. Throughout the years, we have developed professional protocols and procedures in place to assist candidates to obtain their criminal records efficiently in a timely manner complying with the local laws.

Different methodologies for different countries

Expert Knowledge Local Access

In different countries, the availability of sources of criminal records varies and it is vital to select the right source that fits with your job candidate's current status, job nature and data privacy requirements.

Certificate of Good Conduct

A certificate often issued by government authorities as a proof of no criminal record.

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Police Record

Criminal record stored at the police database. Information is usually available at the national level but some countries only retain records at the local police level.

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Court Record

This searches files retained at the court. This is often a local level search in the individual courts at the area where the candidate is resided.

Public Dataset

This searches potential matching record available in the public domain.


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