During the recent 2019-20 coronavirus outbreak, the N95 high quality protection mask becomes a life saver and hottest item wanted in town. As a leading employment background check vendor in Asia, we do view ourselves as a N95 Protection Mask for employers in Asia when it comes to hiring and employment screening.

A few interesting points about us being like the N95’s traits.

  • Protection for multiple items: Many masks out there are only capable to filter out certain things while the N95 mask is known to be the best in providing protections in almost all aspects. Likewise, eeVoices employment screening solutions cover a wide range of background checks (e.g, criminal conviction, civil litigation, credit history, bankruptcy, directorship, employment history, job performance, education qualification and more) in a global scale.
  • High quality: The N95 mask is known to be high quality. Likewise for eeVoices. We position ourselves as a high-quality employment screening vendor with service standard living up to our brand. Ask around HR practitioners in Asia and you will know!
  • Being utilized by the professional organizations: The N95 mask has been identified to be the most suitable protection for medical professionals in top hospitals. Likewise, eeVoices employment screening solution has been utilized by global financial firms, Fortune 500s and the biggest locally listed companies in Asia.

I personally really hope the 2019-20 coronavirus outbreak will go away soon. And, I do believe the N95 mask is going to save a lot of lives, especially being utilizing by medical professionals to handle patients with serious issues these days. With our vision and mission to “take the risk out of people decisions”, I also really hope that our employment screening solution, like the N95 mask, could assist HR professionals to eliminate their risk in taking on the wrong hires who might harm their company’s bottom line and long-term competitiveness.

This article was written by Christen Ma, Director of Client Relations, eeVoices Limited.