We want to create a model of engagement that not only giving an organization engagement scores by department and division collectively, but also informative and instructive so that the manager is responsible for changing organization from 50% to 90% in engagement. They should be able to understand the model and be able to relate to each category. Therefore, they can improve communication and relationship to facilitate accomplishment, energize and enthuse of people. This should also be followed by celebration and recognition for staff performance. Energizing and enthusing is part of the performance feedback system. It ensures employees understanding of where they stand and prevent them having worries like ‘does my manager like what I did?’ Giving instant feedback can facilitate improvements and therefore achieving higher performance. Achieving 90 to 95% engagement is desirable and having 60%, 70% and 80% is regarded as disengaged where some of your employees will drag down your performance.

For example in a football team where 2 /3 is productive and 1/3 is not, the team is not going to win any game. Everyone should contribute to the bottom line. They may not have the same ability, however the star player would perform better while others are performing well.

That’s what the ICARE model is about. We want to be instructive, informative and easy to understand. When you get your score you can begin tomorrow, with the high quality result. You can put the action plan together to motive the people. Get everyone motivated, and engaged. This is ICARE.