A news reporter from The Hong Kong Economic times has inquired the pricing and details with a representative from a company that issues fake degree certificate. As of the information obtained, the price is around RMB2,300 to RMB4,000. Fake degree certificates from Simon Fraser Univeresity and University of California, Los Angeles are the most popular ones among all. And, the degree certificate for Hong Kong local universities are comparatively less pricy.

The news reporter has then presented fake HKU and HKBU degree certificates to the corresponding institutions. The representative from HKU stated that the provided fake degree certificate looks very authentic except that it is fake and there is slight difference in the paper quality.

The news reporter has then interviewed eeVoices COO and the industry experience is that fake certificate is very common. One example being shared was that a job candidate has amended the details of its own certificate from a 2 years program to a degree program.

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