• expression in spoken or written words, or by other means
  • the person or other agency through which something is expressed or revealed
  • an opportunity to express a choice or opinion § give voice to; to attempt to repair or improve a relationship by communicating a grievance, concern, complaint or ideas for change.

Employee Engagement:

  • a state where employees are enthusiastic about their work and attracted towards and motivated by the opportunity to be fully involved and committed to the work and the organization; expressed as in “I love my work”.

Our choice of the corporate name ”eeVoices” and the double “ee” which also forms an integral part of our product and service group names is to remind ourselves and our people of two important critical success factors for our company and the organizations who are our customers:

  • the importance of finding and keeping engaged employees and avoiding costly bad hires
  • the power and importance of listening carefully to employees from pre-hiring stages through to exiting.

Our name serves as a beacon to guide us in the work we do for other organizations and a signal of the vital need to pay attention to employees as they are the final competitive advantage over all others. It is a reminder also to each of us at eeVoices that the task of taking the risk out of client’s people decisions is achieved by the quality and thoroughness of the services we provide. It is a daily reminder to the managers and interviewers at eeVoices of the importance of listening carefully to others as better information leads to better decisions.