eeVoices has completed an interview related to background check practices in Asia with Ming Pao, a reputable print media in Hong Kong.

In the interview, we have stressed a few interesting keypoints:

  1. Do not simply accept a graduation certificate copy. Take a senior approach to verify the documents to avoid fake degree certificates.
  2. Some phony universities and colleges provide website and verification services nowadays.
  3. Be aware of employment gaps.
  4. Exaggeration in  job titles often happens in resumes.
  5. Employers with an employer branding with rigorous background check policies often attract better job candidates – the ones with issues tend not to apply there.
  6. 80% of the reference check can be completed by professional third-party employment screening firms like eeVoices. This is due to proper protocols, professional training and industry know-how in this region.
  7. Reference check result always reveal meaningful and useful data.

To read more about the content of this article in Ming Pao, click here to redirect to the Ming Pao website.